JUNE 2020
Month of:
   * Statehood Day
   * Kamehameha Day
   * Flag Day
   * Father's Day



Hawai'i Community Emergency Management Team, Inc., is a Emergency Disaster Services made up of Associates who's common goal is to examine, evaluate, test, and report best practices in  Readiness, Responses, Mitigate and Recoveries.

We combine multi-complexities of local, national and international communities expertise.


Community Embraced Response System



Bridging the gaps


Clear transitioning between Claims and Recovery Support


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PANDEMIC pic.jpg
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         Community meetings around the island are scheduled for:

                 - planning

                 - informing

                 - empowering

individuals, groups, organizations, institutions, and governments with a local-autonomy initiative: Easy-access Best Up-to-date Collective-information Collaborative System (EBUCCS)

Feel free to contact us .

Lunakanawai Hauanio

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